Kodi vs. Plex – Which One To Go For In 2019?

Kodi vs. Plex – Which One To Go For In 2019?

Kodi is an open-source media software which permits you to access a whole wide range of video content on any personal device. It was initially known as Xbox Media Player since the year 2002. In the year 2003, it ultimately became the Xbox Media Center, and it remained the same way until the year 2014.

Kodi vs. Plex

A foundation called as the XBMC foundation later renamed it to as KODI.


What does Kodi provide?

It presents access to a wide variety of online streaming content, which comprises videos, movies and online content. You can operate and run that content on any device, including your TV, laptop, phone, tablet and others. What’s more?

Kodi can play a collection of file formats, including AAC, MP3, and OGG on the music front. It also comes with smart playlists and the ability to tag different tracks, and that is all you need.

Kodi works with ISO, 3D, and H.264 video formats and quality, among other forms, and can also stream content over the Internet. Once you import the films, Kodi can add posters, fan art, trailers, video extras, and more to each item.

What is Plex?

plex servers

Plex is a streaming media server that grants you access to movies, TV shows and music on your TV and computer, mobile and streaming devices. It distributes and manages your library, with overall support for metadata and advanced features like video and audio conversion. It’s compatible with most utmost streaming devices, such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick etc. Plex also bears an official app for Android and iOS devices.


What does Plex provide?

Plex offers over 60 million songs and podcasts, which are integrated beautifully with your music collection and can be streamed to all your mobile devices. Plex also provides access to a wide variety of online over-the-air live and recorded TV. This involves Web shows and web series, Plex news and sports all being directed to your devices. You can also organize media and your collection of movies and pictures anywhere on your devices.


The battle of Kodi vs. Plex

Safety and Security: Kodi vs. Plex

Whether you’re streaming content through Kodi add-ons or downloading a media library for Plex, it’s imperative to protect yourself. Although many Kodi and Plex users switch to a VPN connection to hide their identity, we would recommend using a VPN to keep your connection secure and private.

Hackers are trying to intercept your data, thereby stealing your details and information from the traffic between your Kodi device and various remote servers. Performance can drop if you pick the wrong VPN provider, and we would, therefore, recommend you to use the best ones.


Streaming Videos: Kodi vs. Plex

Both Plex and Kodi are capable enough to play videos, media and music through your TV, computer, or on your phone or tablet. They sustain a wide range of formats and can output in HD. The main change happens s when they undergo a process known as transcoding. It is a method that can convert your video or music file to a different format. This means that you will be able to skip through a movie or video without any hassle.

We strongly feel that Plex has a better transcoding option. It accompanies support for hardware acceleration on the server, so even if your processor is slow Plex remains still more competent of transcoding without causing your TV or mobile device to pause and buffer.

Kodi’s transcoder is based on open-source software, so it’s compatible with a wide range of file formats. But it requires configuration alternatives, so in certain unforeseen cases, your files won’t play at all. In such a situation, you’ll need to spend time converting your data to another format with software like Handbrake.


Sharing files: Kodi vs. Plex

In Kodi, your library cannot be shared with other devices by default, but in Plex, your library and saved videos are immediately available to every device that is connected to your central server. This is the most inherent and prevalent difference between Plex and Kodi.

Plex is way more comprehensive and different. It allows for your library of videos and music to be shared by default to many streaming or mobile device that is logged in to your account. That makes it a better option if you want to take your media on the go, or use more than one screen in your home that you’d like to stream on.


Compatibility across devices: Kodi vs. Plex

Plex has a significant benefit that it is compatible with every streaming device. It is effortless to install and is available across all app stores.

Kodi faces specific issues because of its image as a piracy enabler. For instance, it is not listed on the Amazon fire store and requires a manual installation.

Kodi is excellent when it’s installed on some devices that directly connect to your TV. It has official hardware support from Android TV device manufacturer Minix, and a custom Raspberry Pi image called LibreELEC that makes it quick and easy to get running on your Pi.


Add-ons: Kodi vs. Plex

Kodi is well known for having thousands of different add-ons. You can install everything from YouTube to movie channels and even an official Plex client. Plex cannot match that flexibility.

In contrast to Kodi, Plex provides official channels for most of the major broadcast and cable networks. These let you access their most on-demand content without a cable subscription, allowing you stream directly from the web instead of downloading videos.

There are exceptions for Plex. For instance, you can use the Web Tools channel to install unofficial content on Plex. And Kodi has official add-ons that let you watch video from networks like ESPN and HBO.

Both programs allow their users to install custom content but, in a detailed comparison of Plex vs Kodi in the matter of add-ons, it’s Kodi that has a clear edge in the amount and sheer usefulness.



plex alternative

In the battle of Kodi vs. Plex, there are many pros and cons to consider, but it all comes down to a few crucial points.

Kodi is the best alternative for users who want to

  • Access to their media and photos on one computer or device
  • variety of customization options
  • More add-on choices
  • Completely open source solutions
  • No subscription fees, at the cost of a little extra setup

Plex is an excellent solution for users who want to

  • Access to their media across multiple devices and all over the web
  • An elegant and straightforward user interface.
  • Official apps for every major streaming and mobile device
  • Complete support and professional online help
  • Ease of use, everything works out of the box


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