Kodi Download for Windows 10 (The Complete Step-by-Step Guide)

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A huge piece of our day to day lives is devoted to communicating with our electronic gadgets and utilizing them for various purposes. In workplaces, we use them to complete our work and convey our messages and at homes, such gadgets are utilized for entertainment and various different purposes.

We have a wide scope of gadgets available to us and it’s an extreme errand to locate an appropriate arrangement that satisfies all your amusement needs. The answer has been found for this by creating the list of best media players for Windows and Linux. This article gives you a total insight concerning Kodi and how it functions.


What is Kodi?

Kodi can be just said as a solitary stage, which fulfills all our stimulation needs. Kodi is an open-source programming media focus. It keeps running great on any stage, including Android, Windows, Linux, IOs, and macOS, so it’s a phenomenal method to get to your media content over the majority of your gadgets. Kodi stage underpins all sound and video docWindows groups. This gives you the adaptability to run old and more up to date documents without lifting a finger. With the assistance of various modules, you can stream content from huge amounts of free video administrations like YouTube, Video, and so on. Kodi thus enables one to download and stream movies and TV shows from any device right onto their tv screens from their home. 


Kodi for Windows 10

Kodi is well known for its incomparable services and is compatible with various working frameworks. With regards to Windows, Kodi’s execution is faultless and unmatchable. Various Kodi add-ons enable a user to experience more added features and amenities.  Kodi works extraordinarily well on every Windows version such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Another astonishing thing to see is that the majority of the Kodi clients lean toward utilizing it on Windows. You can install Kodi download for windows 10 to know more in detail.


Features of Kodi

  • Kodi plays numerous media groups. It has a playback alternative for different media
  • It is provided with a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) framework. It enables you to tune in to Radio, seeing TV and recording television programs.
  • It permits additional items establishment to happen efficiently. Numerous individuals like Kodi in light of the fact that it will empower the establishment of modules.
  • It enables you to change the presence of different programming. You can tweak them the manner in which you want.
  • You can utilize this framework on TV headend, Media Portal, NextPVR, and Myth TV
  • It provides you the weather condition of your current region through service settings based on your geographical location. 
  • The Kodi appearance is flexible and it can be changed according to the view of the user.
  • It is provided with complete security and away from security risks.
  • It facilitates the download for additional add-ons. 


Download Kodi for Windows 10

You can simply do the Kodi download for windows 10on your PC just like introducing different Windows applications. There are two different ways you can download the .exe record. One is from the Kodi’s legitimate site, and the other is from the Windows Store. The most effortless approach to get Kodi to download for windows 10 is to download it from the Windows Store. The most recent variant is altogether bundled up and good to go. You simply need to download it and see the connection underneath then open it like some other application.

Kodi for Windows 10 can be directly downloaded from the Website, by following these steps. They help you to get upgraded from the old version and get changed to new.

  • Visit the official Kodi website
  • Select the “Windows” icon on the appearing screen adjacent to “Linux icon.”
  • Click the INSTALLER button to install Kodi download for windows 10. The installation package suitable for your Windows operating system gets downloaded
  • Once the download is over, select the YES option to move further.
  • “Welcome to Kodi Setup” wizard pops on your screen, click “NEXT” to continue the process.
  • Go through the license document and once it is agreeable, select “I AGREE” option.
  • Now a dropdown list of components appears on your screen. Select all the components, which are recommended to download by default.
  • Browse your location to install the selected files.
  • Complete the process.


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 Kodi Download for Windows 10 from the Microsoft store

  • In the Microsoft store app, search Kodi for Windows 10 in search field.
  • Click on the Kodi icon to download it.
  • Once the download is over, click on the “LAUNCH” button to finish the setup.

This year 2019 is going to be a great year for Kodi app, which is expected to meet a huge success with the help of its newly updated add-ons. You can download Kodi for Windows 10 2019 to experience all the new updates and Add-Ons of Kodi. A list of 2019 Kodi Add-Ons are listed below:

  • Netflix for TV and movies
  • Dan for sports
  • Viewster similar to Netflix app
  • Newson to get Live news
  • FilmRise to get movies online and offline
  • Documentary Storm
  • Xumo to get Live TV
  • Pluto TV
  • Bigstar movies & TV


The winter season has come already, yet there are still some hot new things making a Bing bang change in the Kodi scene.


Maybe the most outstanding occasion of the previous couple of weeks was the arrival of Kodi 18 Leia RC2. The recent version of Kodi download for Windows 10 2019 includes a variety of new changes, however won’t change your present experience excessively on the off chance that you’ve just been utilizing the pre-discharge renditions of Kodi.

When compared to other such organizations like Chromecast or Plex, Kodi download for windows 10  is overseen by the non-benefit XBMC Foundation, and it’s always being adjusted and updated by innumerable scores of coders and designers around the globe. Kodi has been molded with the help of more than 500 programming designers and in excess of 200 interpreters. It’s not only for workstations; Kodi can take a shot at everything from a cell phone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick.


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How to update Kodi on Windows 10?

In the event that you are running a more seasoned adaptation of Kodi and need a redesign, at that point the procedure remains similar. This is on the grounds that Kodi does not offer a programmed updater worked into its product. Subsequently, you should download the most recent variant from its official site onto your gadget and run the establishment procedure to refresh Kodi on windows 10 or 8.


Much of the time, your settings and library stay spared when you introduce Kodi v17 over v16 Jarvis. Amid the establishment procedure, it will request to overwrite existing documents, select YES. Notwithstanding, it’s a decent practice to reinforcement every one of your information before overhauling Kodi on Windows. Here are diverse approaches to back up your Kodi information.

  • Back up your data manually with the help of Kodi official website
  • Your data can also be saved or backed up with the help of Kodi Backup Add-Ons.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Is Kodi for Windows 10 legal?

Indeed, Kodi is completely lawful, when thinking about what you stick to official Kodi additional items. Kodi makes it less demanding for its clients to get to official Kodi additional items by offering an inherent authority archive when you introduce the Kodi application. Anything that isn’t prescribed by Kodi is to utilize an outsider Kodi add-on.


Kodi is unlawful when you have introduced informal Kodi add-ons. Like Kodi completely stacked Kodi boxes where you have pre-introduced informal Kodi additional items, it enables you to watch copyright material for nothing and that is the thing that makes it unlawful.


  1. What makes Kodi unique?

The use and application of Kodi software are beyond our imagination. Kodi is incredible for playing recordings from your accumulation of MP4 documents; maybe you’re getting a charge out of some home recordings or tore DVDs that are generally put away on an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or NAS (Network-Attached Storage), or utilizing it to pipe music around your lounge room. Kodi (recently known as XBMC) is additionally skilled at showing your picture libraries. Here comes a rundown which depicts the specialties of Kodi.


Ongoing Kodi discharges may accompany YouTube pre-introduced. On the off chance that you don’t need a PVR (Personal Video Recorder), in any case, you can utilize different Kodi additional items to sit in front of the TV appears lawfully, obviously in your region, in spite of the fact that these aren’t live. Regardless of whether you appreciate video webcasts (nobody says “videocast” nowadays”) or standard sound digital recordings, there’s a decent possibility that you’ve thought about whether your Kodi box can be utilized to buy in to and download your most loved week by week appears. And most importantly it is the best software.


Final Words

Kodi is a spectacular media focus application with some extremely extraordinary highlights. It is intended for the extra large screen, which makes it ideal for a home entertainment focus or HTPC. In any case, whatever you’re utilizing it on you requires a decent method to communicate with it.

A keyboard and mouse is alright, however, that is not actually an agreeable ordeal when you’re on the lounge chair and need to watch a film. For that, you need a decent remote control and the uplifting news is there are bounties to browse that are good with Kodi.

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