FireStick Vs. Roku – Which One To Go For In 2021?

Technologies and invention have been taking over the world in a bizarre way. From watching all your online content on your phone to streaming everything on a TV screen we can say that it has been a 360-degree turn. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can conveniently stream all your daily dose of entertainment on your big TV screen. How is that possible you might wonder? Well here is the answer for you.

Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku are two media player devices which provide a platform to stream all media content on your TV just by connecting it with HDMI port. Both types of media streamers are the easiest way to convert your TV from regular to smart. Both the media streamer also provide access to all the latest applications like Netflix, Hulu, Voot, Spotify and many more on the list so you can sit and catch all the trendy shows with relaxation and convenience in your leisure time.

However, the impetus of both the media streamer is the same but their specification differs from each other. If you are out in the market to get your hands on media streamer devices that are affordable then Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku are two options to go for. Both the two devices have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The discussion drawn below will give a neat observation regarding Roku vs. FireStick. These observations are in terms of their price difference, performance & quality, storage and everything in between.

What is FireStick?

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a handy media player device which allows you to stream all your favourite online content videos, movies, sports and everything on TV with the support of HDMI port that is connected to your TV after which you can easily watch all your content. This portable media player turns your simple regular TV into a smart TV just like that.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is an invention by Amazon came into activation in the year of 2002. This Amazon Fire TV Stick is packed with over 30,000 apps which prevail unlimited entertainment service to its users. As it is a portable media player device it can easily slip into your pocket for you anytime anywhere use all you need is a reach to HDMI port and an internet connection.


What is a Roku?

Like Amazon Fire TV Stick, there is another media player which is designed for the same purpose to provide its user to stream all online content such as videos, movies, TV shows etc. but, with different specification. The name Roku derived from the Japanese word (roku) meaning six. It was named so, as it was the sixth company started by Anthony Wood the founder and CEO of the company.

Roku is another media player device which can turn your regular TV into a smart TV to stream all your content. You need to connect your Roku device to your TV via HDMI port over an internet connection.


FireStick vs. Roku:  Apps and service

Roku has been on top ever since for being able to stream all the online content at one platform. The Roku conveniently provides its users with all sorts of content ranging from different resources with over 5,000 channels.

On the other hand, Fire TV Stick provides comparatively lesser video service than Roku. However, you can also get access to log in to your Facebook account. Frankly, this experience does not attract users and is not even a big thing either to have an experience about. But, there is an option for you if you want in any case.

The other big thing on Fire TV Stick is games. Yes Fire TV Stick support an app store especially for games which make this device much more versatile in a big way. On top of that, you can also search for your content over a voice command associated by Alexa which is now available in India also.

Moreover. Both the streamers will allow you to get access to your popular applications like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Video, YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu and Spotify.

Clearly, in the race of providing quality content and service, we can come to the result that Amazon Fire TV Stick is the winner.


FireStick vs. Roku: Storage

Next lined up for the comparison is the storage space. Although both the Fire TV Stick and Roku are used for the same purpose to stream all your entertaining content under one hood but differ with storage reference.

Both the devices connect to your TV via HDMI port over an internet connection. The Fire TV Stick has the internal storage of 8GB and 1GB memory whereas Roku media streamer has only 256MB of storage with 512MB of memory. However, it is easy to stream your video from different sources with less storage but this still remains a major disadvantage having less memory source.

So it’s a clear cut win for Amazon Fire TV Stick as it has more internal storage space than Roku.


FireStick vs. Roku: Devices

Both the media streamer comes with their own specifications in devices. Roku comes with remote control and supports service from all Android apps and other devices like laptop, PC, and tablets. The Android app is the wildest power for Roku devices for providing classification like alternative remote and private listening.

The two Roku devices i.e is Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Streaming Stick Plus are packed with other facilities and are reliable for wall-mounted TVs, small entertainment centre as well as for hotels. They are easy to connect directly with the HDMI port. Each streaming stick remote has an inbuilt power and volume buttons. The remote includes a voice search command via inbuilt microphone letting your search done more quickly. The price of HD streaming Stick costs $49.99 while the 4K Streaming Stick costs $59.99.

On the other hand, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick bangs up against the market lately with it’s smartest model that is Alexa voice search remote. This technique allows you to search for your favourite content over voice command. Its not just a remote control you can also use Alexa as a smart device tasking the device to order a pizza for you or play a song or stream a video. Apart from this Alexa voice remote isn’t always listening you have to push a button to activate before casting your demand.

The cost of HD Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K is $39.99 and $49.99 respectively. Also, there is one more smart addition to Amazon Fire TV Stick is  Bluetooth connection for a wireless headset.

However, Fire Stick is a bit expensive than Roku availing much more smart feature and devices to its audience.


Fire Stick vs. Roku: User Interface

Both the Streaming device have their own set of specification. That deals with the user interface separately. Apart from all of their features and device, the most important is their remote control. If it’s bad, you are going to suffer every time you want to stream any content on your TV.

Roku remote is a bit different from Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is more rounded with a power button. It provides easy navigation control with the button situated in the middle. A volume button on the right to adjust the pitch accordingly and a channel-specific button on the bottom end. Also Roku streaming remote has an inbuilt microphone which allows the user to search their particular content over speech command without typing or looking for the title of the content.

The Roku remote is suitable for everyone even for the kids. It has an “OK” button in the middle making it easy for use.

Talking about the Fire TV Stick remote it is sleek, user-friendly, and crafted with modern technologies. The most advanced feature of both the remotes is their inbuilt microphone which you can’t miss. It is the most favourable part of the user interface as it makes your searching job easy with a voice command.

The newest member added to its device family is Alexa voice command assistant. It not only helps you to search the content but also control your Alexa-enabled smart-home accessories.

Hands down for both the devices as they have a suitable structure and easy to navigate option. Both the devices provide the same sort of interface hence, it’s a tie between both.


In conclusion

From the above comparison between Fire Stick vs. Roku we’ve come to an end. Concluding everything in a small verdict here is a quick recommendation for what to choose. Although both the devices serve there best services and are user-friendly. In terms of a budget-friendly gadget, you should go for Roku. As it is well equipped with all the necessary features and inbuilt microphone which helps you every time to search your content easily.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable investing a bit of your money then Fire TV Stick it is for you. The big thing about the Fire TV Stick is an app store that supports games. If you are someone who would love this facility then go for it. Also, it has Alexa voice command assistant which not only makes your search easy but also follow command for home accessory task such as to play your favourite song or to stream your online video.

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