FireStick Vs. Mi Box – Which One To Go For In 2021?

There was a time when you had only one way to watch News, Sports, TV shows, etc and that way was a dish TV with limited channels. As time passes by the inventions and discoveries took a whole new plot and reached up to a certain level. Then, there comes a time when Android came into activation which provided you to stream all online content such as movies, web shows, videos, sports, news, and everything else on a phone itself.

Who would have thought that there will be a time when you would be able to stream all your online content on your TV screen from the different resources in one place. Yes, you heard it right. Whether it’s YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Voot or any media source you will now be able to directly cast any of the above on your TV screen. How? Well, the answer is very simple. In the below points you will be able to have a clear idea of how you can achieve this. 


Mi Box and FireStick are two media streaming device which avails you the facility to stream all your favourite daily entertaining rant on your TV screen. You just need to connect the HDMI port to the TV over a wifi connection and you are all set to stream your favorite movies and entertainment needs.

What is a Mi Box?

Mi Box is a media streamer device a Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi’s play to compete with the devices like Roku, Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast. Nevertheless, Mi Box is still an Android TV player with a pocket-friendly deal and plenty of positive reviews aside.


What is FireStick?

Amazon Fire TV Stick is another media streamer device holding plenty of great features and facilities. Fire TV Stick gives you the access to stream all your favourite shows, movies web series and everything else with just one simple connection of the device via HDMI port to your TV over an internet connection.

Further, in this article, we’ll be discussing which between the FireStick vs. Mi Box is better in terms of connectivity, apps, service and almost everything basic and fundamental you need to know about the device.


FireStick vs. Mi Box: Design

Talkin about design both the devices are pole apart. Basically, both the devices are lightweight, but Mi Box is more or like bigger than Fire TV Stick. It will engage some of your space to be precise. Mi Box is much similar to a set-top box, but much slimmer and smaller compared to the traditional set-top boxes. The model measure 101mm * 101mm, with a thickness of about 19.5mm. with the weight of 176.5g.  The model has a mesmerising black finish.

Fire TV Stick by Amazon would be much better if you want to have a portable TV streamer. The shape of the Fire TV Stick is similar to a flash drive. It has an HDMI port connector instead of a USB. So you can directly plug it into your TV without worrying about the space of your room.


FireStick vs. Mi Box: Apps and performance

Mi Box gives you access to stream connect via Android app store including some great apps like Netflix, Showmax, and DSTV. However, Mi Box also lacks some popular apps which the app store looks empty. On the positive side, you can use Chromecast feature to stream anything you wish from your Android device and flash it to the television screen.

The performance of the Mi Box is like, it is armed with a 2.0GHz quad-core Cortex A53 processor and 2GB RAM. It can easily play 4K content but, with less consistency. You may encounter buffer and error while playing it on 4K. in the end, you’ll probably end up streaming it on 1080p in which the performance is smooth and comfortable.

Fire TV Stick on the other side, is packed with huge content including apps and games. There is Netflix, YouTube, Sky News, Spotify, Prime videos and many more. Moreover, you need Amazon Prime to get access most out of the device.

The performance of Fire TV Stick is way better than the Mi Box. As it has a quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. However, fire TV Stick does not support 4k content. The resolution you’ll be provided is 1080p.


FireStick vs. Mi Box: Voice command & Remote control

Firestick users more facility in terms of remote control and voice command feature. FireStick remote has a fast-forward, rewind and play/pause buttons. In addition, it has an inbuilt button for speech command which will make your every search more easy and quick. You just need to hold the button and command your search rest the controller will handle.

The plus part of Amazon Fire TV Stick is Alexa voice assistant. You can do a lot more than searching for content with Alexa. Alexa is quite smart and can easily comprehend with your queries.

On the other hand, Mi Box supports voice command as well through Google assistant. The remote of Mi Box has an inbuilt microphone feature which allows you to search your content over speech. Google Assistant provide accurate search results which makes it more reliable.


Wrapping Up!

The conclusion drawn from the above discussion says that both the devices are compatible in terms of streaming content. However, if you want a media player that is budget-friendly than Mi Box it is for you. As it provides every essential needed along with a voice command at a reasonable price.

Whereas FireStick is packed many more facilities on a high rate of comparatively. Both the streamers are effective in their own way. but if you are in search of something pocket-friendly then Mi Box is much recommended.

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