Fire Stick vs. Chromecast – Which One To Go For In 2021?

Have you ever wished to watch all your preferred online series and content on your TV screen? Of course, you can watch everything on your smartphones it is a smart way to binge upon anything. But, what if there is a way to be smarter to stream all your content on the TV screen. Well Actually, there is a way.

Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast are two portable media streaming devices that will fulfil all your requests and wishes. From streaming Live TV shows to Sports to kids entertainment these media streamers can do anything. Both the Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Chromecast makes it easy to binge upon watching HD movies and TV shows on your big screen. Both the devices are designed in such a rational way that you can easily stream all your content and shows over the portable devices via wifi connection by just connecting the HDMI port to your TV.


However, their approach to delivering service differ from each other. In this article, we’ll draw a comparison between Chromecast vs. FireStick which will highlight their price difference, performance, quality and everything in between.

Fire Stick

Fire Stick is a small but truly an amazing gadget that was introduced by Amazon in the year 2002. It is a media player device which can turn your simple TV into a smart TV for streaming all your online content over it. You just have to plug into the HDMI port of your TV and then you are all set to watch your favourite content on it.

A Fire Stick is a portable device which means you can carry it everywhere you go. It is small and compact in size and so, it can easily slip into your pocket for any time, anywhere entertainment as long as you have access to a TV with HDMI input and internet connection. A pocket-friendly gadget and a cost-effective way that opens up the avenues to satisfy all your daily entertainment needs is really something innovative and out of the box indeed. 


Similar to Firestick, Chromecast is also a media adapter device from Google which allows its users to stream all their online content over it such as videos, music and everything on a digital TV.

However, both the gadgets differ from each other in many ways that we’ll discuss further. A Chromecast adapter is a dongle which you can use by plugging it into the TV’s HDMI port. With the use of a smartphone or a laptop as a remote control. The Chromecast is yet another easy and cost-effective way to gather all your daily entertainment at one platform.

In this article, we’ll draw a comparison between Chromecast vs. FireStick which will highlight their price difference, performance, quality and everything you need to know about the basics in between.


Fire Stick vs. Chromecast: Overview

If you are looking for a cheap and handy media player gadgets on which you can stream all your online content then, FireStick and Chromecast are two highlighted options to go for. They both pull off their task passionately for providing quality content such as movies, TV shows music, videos etc. with a good performance rate They pick up the content from a number of different sources at one destination. However, their approach to delivering service differ from each other.

Both the Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Chromecast makes it easy to binge upon watching HD movies and TV shows on your big screen. Both the devices are designed in such a rational and user-friendly way that you can easily stream all your content and shows over the portable devices via wifi connection.


Fire Stick vs. Chromecast: Search

Both FireStick and Chromecast have an inbuilt search feature which allows the user to tap and search for their content. The Fire TV Stick has a dedicated tab for search. An alternative for a search is a voice command you can hold the voice button on the remote and command your search over voice. Also Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is now available in India as well.

However, somehow the Fire TV Stick lacks universal search and you can only use it to search for Prime videos or app search such as Hotstar.

On the other hand, Chromecast has a Google Home companion for both Android and ios. However, the classification of search does not go beyond YouTube and Netflix. There would be many things out of your reach to search. Moreover, it will up different app on your phone and search for the content respectively. If you are using your Android for streaming content with the Chromecast it is likely to work faster than Fire TV Stick.


FireStick vs. Chromecast: Performance & Quality

Performance and quality from product to product. Here you’ll see which device offers you better quality content. Talking about performance and quality both FireStick and Chromecast works on 1080p.  your videos and content will be downloaded faster and consume less data all thanks to a quad-core chip processor inside. Moreover, Amazon also offers an internal memory which Chromecast doesn’t. It can pre-download your content and saves time.

Both the devices support dual-band so the user does not encounter any connectivity issue. The Fire TV Stick also supports the Bluetooth connection to pair up with the wireless headphones for audios.


FireStick vs. Chromecast: Apps and Services

Talking about the apps Chromecast has 20,000 apps whereas Amazon’s claim to have 30,000 apps including games and service for FireStick. Both the media devices hosts access to the most popular app such as Errors Now, Hotstar,  Netflix, Voot, Sony Liv and many more on the list.

However, both the devices do not host their own best offering like Chromecast does not support to Prime Video and you won’t see Play Music on FireStick. The other plus point for FireStick is that you do not need to have all the app on your phone every time. FireStick will access you to all the other apps via Kodi media player if you have them. However, it goes opposite to Chromecast.


FireStick vs. Chromecast:  Additional Features

Both the devices FireStick and Chromecast have some freshly added features. From streaming videos content to offering games and voice control everything has been added with some extra feature.

FireStick does not support Google Play Movies but, Chromecast can all content from Amazon instant video. Both the devices support screen mirroring. However, it has been seen that Chromecast is way better than Amazon FireStick. Games are a major part. If you are someone who loves to play a game than it’s a bonus because both the devices support games section. However, you’ll witness a better gaming plot on Amazon’s FireStick.

Not a real added feature but both the devices FireStick and Chromecast support voice command now in a better way.


FireStick vs. Chromecast: Price in India

Chromecast and FireStick both are highly competitive in terms of Price differences. Chromcast devices from RS. 3,999. However, FireStick is more expensive at this rate of Rs 3,999. You’ll encounter the factor that Chromecast has a separate device to stream from if you already have great devices like laptop, tablet phone. On the other hand, FireStick does not support this factor.

The price conclusion can be drawn as Chromecast is more pocket-friendly than comparing to Amazon Fire TV Stick. Also, you’ll need a Fire TV remote accessory for FireStick that could fetch more money from your pocket. So hands down for Chromecast as it is less expensive and will provide you easy access to binge upon your all favourite content.


FireStick vs. Chromecast: User Interface

What a user observes about the product is a helping factor for the producers to add more favourable features for the audience. Both devices provide a separate user interface. Where FireStick offers you to resume your content where you left last time. Moreover, Amazon has been dedicatedly improvising their device to serve better experience. It is cleaner and easy to use than before. The FireStick provides you with a Recent Tab featured on the home screen which avails you to get access on the most recent app you’ve used.

Basically, the user interface for both the devices are pole apart as the searching and selection for the Chromecast takes place on your Android device or your PC, Laptop.  And you cannot search for anything on your TV screen.

On the other hand, the FireStick comes with Bluetooth connectivity which is considered to be one of the nicest features. You can search your content over voice command. As FireStick comes with a handy accessory which is remote. However, comparatively, FireStick provides a much better user interface than Chromecast.


FireStick vs. Chromecast: What to Choose?

From the comparison drawn above shows all the factors from each other. However, if you are still confused and are not able to collect your thought that which device is better then don’t worry here is a quick highlight from the above discussion. You can easily stick to Google Chromecast if you want a cost-effective device because of course, it is cheaper than Amazon FireStick.

It is more flexible than Fire TV Stick and you have no problem to cast content from your Android device, ios or laptop.

On the other hand, if you have no issue investing money then Amazon Fire TV Stick brings you a device that is much more flexible for streaming all your online content on which you can easily binge and enjoy. Just connect your Fire TV Stick to your TV’s HDMI port and you are done.


In conclusion

From the above discussion, we can easily take a plunge that which device offers better features and everything in between. You can easily collect your thoughts that Chromecast is, however, budget-friendly than Fire TV Stick. Whereas FireStick offers more favourable addition for its users to get a try. Apart from streaming videos, latest movies and music FireStick also has a plot for gamers and have app store separately.

We can conclude the discussion by providing a short and simple verdict. The purpose of both the devices is to entertain its audience by offering them the daily dose of entertainment in an easy way right at their fingertips and in a manner that is convenient and easy for them. They are both designed for a venture to stream Movies, TV shows, sports etc. you can easily get access to your favourite application like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube and many more to count on.

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