Top 10 Best VPN For Kodi In 2019

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best vpn for kodi

In this century, wireless connections are more of a necessity rather than a choice.We have transformed our ways of working with devices and the transformation of Wireless connections has definitely made a big leap into the market.  Wireless connections include wireless PAN, wireless LAN, wireless network, wireless MAN, wireless WAN, a cellular network, Global area network, and space network.

Undoubtedly, individuals and companies need to share data with one another on a daily basis. However, your data transfer can be interrupted by unauthorized sniffers. Sniffers can be used either for legitimate data management or for stealing data. Sometimes, these sniffers can be really harmful to your data. They pose a threat to your security and identity. These are commonly used by hackers because these cannot be detected and do the work smoothly.

In such a situation, VPN also known as Virtual Private Link plays an important role. VPN commonly acts as a tunnel through which the data passes from one device to another to ensure its safety from sniffers.

VPN is basically a technology that creates a safe connection over a less secure connection and allows the users to securely access data like corporate resources by extending a private network across a public network. A VPN based network enables you to stream and access data from region-restricted websites and shields your data from harmful threats to secure and protect you from identity threats and hackers. 


Why is it important to use VPN?

For a layman, VPN is widely used because it secures your internet in such a way that you can send and receive messages, corporate applications and other resourced without being threatened by the sniffers.

Some other uses of sniffers are-

  • People, if provided by a VPN, can get access to their workplace data even if they are at home or are travelling. You can always fire up your VPN while using a public WiFi so that there are fewer chances of your data being harmed or stolen.


  •  Fortunately or unfortunately, VPN also allows you to download movies and videos from torrent without your name being in the inspection list. Anyhow, you should not do this as it is illegal.


  • Provided that you have a VPN in your computer, you can get access to live videos, tv shows and videos that are not available in your country.


  •  NSA and ISP- The NSA agency’s surveillance reach about almost every transmission taking place through the web. Though VPN does not provide complete security of the data being transmitted or downloaded it still provides some amount of assurance to the user that his/her data would be less directly traceable. Since ISPs have to carry a lot of traffic; they take out quite a good amount of customer information from big companies like Google and Facebook. This can be lessened with the use of a VPN.


  • As crazy as it sounds… a person can save money while shopping online by changing the VPN methodically! The price of an item may differ according to the country. You can switch the VPN servers till you find the lowest price of the item! Well, now you know how to buy smartly!


  • Did you know that your private conversations could be heard by a third party without your consent? Not appreciated right? VOIP apps don’t come with an encryption feature. Well, VPN can deal with such stuff quite easily and allows you to talk to your loved ones freely.


Need for Using VPN In Kodi

The award-winning open-source media player and entertainment software were developed by a non-profit technology consortium, KBMC. A 10-foot user interface is used to be the media player for the living room in which the remote control is used as the primary device. IT is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.

Kodi allows you to play only the local media files and the official add-on media which restricts the user from accessing many other media files out there. An unofficial add-on which is written by people who are not a part of the Kodi core team allows the user to choose from a vast amount of add-ons. You need a VPN which runs alongside Kodi to stream these add-ons. Whether streaming these unofficial add-ons is legal or not is still a matter of debate.

We have already discussed the witch-hunting strategies of ISP. To freely stream/download the unofficial add-ons on Kodi, it’s recommended to use VPN.

Kodi can be bothersome and provide certain content in certain locations. This is known as geo-blocking. With a VPN you can get access to all the blocked content.

Another advantage of using a VPN is that you can access new releases early. Live streaming is another amazing reason for which you need to use Kodi VPN.


Best VPN for Kodi

best kodi vpn

Alright! Now that you know the advantages of Kodi and you have a clear idea of what it does best, you will definitely be tempted to know the best VPN for Kodi. Here are some of the best VPN’s for Kodi 2019 based on their performance in terms of security, bypassing geo-restrictions and testing-

1) IPVanish

The service is suitable for large gatherings since it provides ten simultaneous connections on multiple sites. It provides multiple free slots for other internet activities even if people are simultaneously streaming content on other sites.

The service is available for Windows and Mac and Android and IOS.

The only loop in here is that the service provides no free trial and the plans are a little expensive.

Number of servers: 1100+ | Server locations: 60+ | IP addresses: 40000+ | Maximum devices supported: 10


2) Express VPN

The service is known for its good speed consistency and lack of absence of fluctuations. Setting up the service is uncomplicated. Various tutorials and live support chat make the task all the easier. It has a favorable privacy policy with zero logging of any kind. Though you don’t get a free trial you get a 30-day money back guarantee. This is considered as one of the best VPN for Kodi.

Number of servers: 2000 | Server locations: 148 | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 3


3) NordVPN

This provider is known for its double VPN system, no logs policy and an automatic kill switch for malicious content.

The service has a specific page for Kodi on their website which can be used to gather more information on unblocking content. The guide is fairly easy to understand. It has user-friendly applications for almost all the operating system.

Number of servers: 5202 | Server locations: 62 | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 6


4) VyprVPN

This HD content providing server is known for its amazing speed for downloading content.

A good thing with this provider is that it allows a three-day trial.

The monthly payment is expensive, and so one should opt for annual payment.

Number of servers: 700+ | Server locations: 70+ | IP addresses: 200,000+ | Maximum devices supported: 3-5


5) PureVPN

The service provider is defined by a good connection and good speed. It is available for both desktop and mobile clients.

It is quite easy to operate it with the assistance of tutorials and guides provided on the website.

Number of servers: 2000+ | Server locations: 180 | IP addresses: 300,000+ | Maximum devices supported: 5


6) PrivateVPN

It helps you to connect multiple devices to Kodi simultaneously. It can unlock up to 100 add-on media.

2048 encryptions provide 100% security from ISP. You get 30 days money back guarantee here.


7) SaferVPN

Unlimited access to Kodi with almost all the operating devices.

High encryption and live streaming of sports channels make this server suitable for all the sports addicts and thus coming under the category of best Kodi VPNs


8) CyberGhost

This server can bypass internet censorship and provides a good connection and fast streaming of content thus making it one of the most widely used VPNs


9) HideMyAss! : HMA VPN

This provider is known for unblocking geo restrictions from over 850 servers. That’s a lot! This makes it one of the VPN for Kodi.

It’s easy to install on FireStick and SmartTV. It also has good speed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best VPN to use with Kodi?

IPVanish and Nord are recommended as the best VPN for Kodi. They provide good connection along with good speed. They also provide the clients with a good amount of security from ISP.


How do I install a VPN on Kodi?

  1. Launch Kodi and go to Settings > File Manager
  2. Now double click Add Source
  3. When a box appears, click on None > enter the URL:> click Done > Give a name to the add-on (for instance Kodi-addon) > Click Done > Click Ok
  4. Go back to Kodi home screen
  5. Click on Add-ons > then Add-on Browser (the package box icon located at the top left corner) > Install from zip file > Kodi-addon >
  6. Wait for the repository to install (it may take a few minutes)
  7. Once the add-on is installed, go to Program Add-ons > Ivacy Monitor OpenVPN > Add-on Settings
  8. A box will appear, enter your Ivacy credentials (username and password)
  9. To change the server location, click on “Change or disconnect VPN connection” and select the server location of your choice and it will connect automatically


What is VPN on Kodi?

VPN is a technology used by customers to unblock certain media content which is not available at their locations, avoid the traffic being directed to ISP, and stream live content on their screens.


Is VPN add-on for Kodi available for openELEC devices?

Though there are not many VPN add-ons available for openELEC devices, there are some VPNs that provide such service for openELEC. The best VPN to use is IvacyVPn.


Which is the cheapest VPN for Kodi?

The cheapest VPN for Kodi is NordVPN.


What is the best VPN service for screening videos on Kodi?

The best VPN service for screening video is NordVPN.


Final Words

best vpn for kodi 2019

VPNs can be really useful for people who have Kodi installed on their devices. A lot of content which is blocked at a certain location can be accessed for free with the help of VPNs. It’s astounding to see that we can download and stream without being noticed by the ISP with the help of VPNs. The best VPN for 2019 can be Nord or IPvanish.

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