50 Best Kodi Addons For Pro Kodi Users in 2021

Kodi has gradually but very smoothly taken over the media platform. Kodi came in service in the year 2002 by Xbox media player. By the year 2003 it became Xbox Media Center which remained the same till 2014. Later it was renamed as Kodi by the Xbox Foundation.

Kodi is a media player software which provides you as a user the freedom to access all the streaming media content across the globe which includes videos, latest TV shows, movies, music and a lot more. It offers you to download your content to watch it any time.


Basically, Kodi is an open source software media centre which allows you to binge upon your favourite content say it to be videos, movies, web series, music or anything . you can consider Kodi as a shelf that can store all your media content at one place. It is a base or a foundation to store all the catalogue from different sources.

You can run Kodi on any device including your Home theatre, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, ios. You can also run Kodi on your Raspberry. Kodi comes with a user-friendly resource and can work will local storage as well as network storage service.

Kodi is packed with everything from entertainment to sports you can get your hands over anything you wish to see. To define Kodi best, we can say that it is all your entertainment needs packed into one device. By using Kodi you can stream all online content on your device whichever you prefer with easy access without any subscription.

Yes, you heard it right. Kodi is free of cost which means you can enjoy watching all your content without investing a penny. From live TV shows to the latest movie drama to Sports everything at one spot from different sources.

As I have already mentioned Kodi is packed with benefits here is one more. You can even stream your pictures. For this, all you have to do is import your images to Kodi and convert it into a library and opt for a slideshow from the settings.

The only thing you’ve to take care of is to keep your program updated from time to time in order to avail new features whenever they are updated.

Best Kodi Addons

Kodi itself is a big name and resource that provide you with a huge amount of entertaining content. However, it comes with an arrangement of add-ons that are crafted to intensify the overall Kodi experience. Add-ons are a plus to the software from simple screensavers to tools that let you intensify your binge encounter.

You might face some difficulty in finding the right add-on for viewing all your content like TV shows, videos, movies, cartoons, sports, etc. whatsoever, you are at the right space to finish all your struggle for finding best Kodi add-ons for all your streaming content.

Given below is a list of the best addons for Kodi:

Best Kodi Addons for Movies

Are you a movie lover? Or someone who needs movie every weekend? In case if you are any of the above the choice is enormous. Here are the best Kodi addons lined up for you.

1. Tubi TV

What is more satisfying than an application offering free resource. Yes, you might have heard about the Tubi TV media. This enables you to stream your content free of cost. Even though Tubi TV is a popular platform it is not available to be accessed by users globally.

As Tubi TV is a movie special addon it brings you 30 content catalogue as soon as you enter to this app. You can choose whatever genre you wish to. Tubi TV offers everything from horror to action to drama everything is there. It also has a category for kids movies. However, it also enables its user to check what is hot and new.

2. FilmOn Simple

Next lined up in the race of best Kodi addon is FilmOn simple, is a popular online archive of educational movies. You’ll simply love this addon in terms of indie creation. As the name itself suggests it is a simple addon for Kodi. You can binge upon different alcove classification over more than 40 approximately. You can even watch Live TV programs.

3. Filmrise

Next lined up for your best movie experience is Filmrise. Over the last few years, Filmrise has become one of the famous digital media streaming services. In this addon, you can simply find your movie title without much hassle. This addon is the best for watching movie content like indies.

4. Kratos Reborn

Next lined up addon for Kodi is Kratos Reborn. Kratos Reborn comes with a collection of movies as well as TV shows of different genre. This addon is a fresh add up in the Kodi media software that brings you everything from movies to TV shows.

5. Entertain Me

Entertainment is what we are looking for. The next freshly add up to Kodi is Entertain Me which is all about movies and a slight add up of TV shows. You can also binge upon the TV shows that Entertain Me offers. It displays attractive posters and curates prominent artwork which helps you to navigate its huge catalog.


Best Kodi Addons for Live TV for TV shows

Kodi has an arrangement of addons for every genre. The next addon we have lined up is for Live TV shows. They bring you a variety of TV shows across the entire world. They could be an excellent alternative to your set up cable provider.

Here are some best Kodi addons for Live TV shows and for TV shows.


1. BBC iPlayer WWW

You can search for any sort of content in BBC iPlayer WWW. It has some of the most popular TV shows. It will bring you nicely designed content in numerous ways from educational program to movies of the different genre this add-on brings you the best service.

2. cCloud TV

However, cCloud TV was one of the famous add-ons in the market six months ago. For whatever reasons it does not avail too many services to its user lately but still avail some plenty of good and useful content. This is why this addon is still much in talk.

cCloud TV brings you some international TV channels. There are more than 20 categories to be precise at this very moment. However, all the categories that it provides do not work very well.

3. Channel PEAR

The Channel Pear addon not only fulfills your Live TV shows need but also provides you with a number of other facilities like sports music and TV shows channel. This addon provides a few of its services for free of cost. You can enjoy a few of the channels in HD quality.

4. TVOne+

How difficult it becomes to find an addon that works nicely. That can provide different streaming sources online. However, with TVOne+ you will experience something different. Using this addon is a task itself as you need to make an account to use TVOne+. which means that not everyone can get access to this add-on. You’ll need to be approved by the creators for further usage of the addon whatsoever. But, all the hassle is worth afterward as it brings you the best TV shows with global reach with vast options.


Best Kodi Addons for Sports

How you can miss a genre that holds so many emotions. If you are a sports lover and cannot resist from binging upon sports then these best Kodi add-ons are lined up for you with a specialized sports channel.

1. Joker Sports

First lined up is Joker Sports. Freshly added addon to Kodi media released by Maverick Repository is host all about sports. It is considered as one of the best addon currently which brings you to get your hand over the best live sports content.

Once you enter Joker Sports you’ll be able to see a vast collection of TV channels all about sports such as BT Sports and Sky Sports.

2. Planet MMA

Planet MMA is recently being considered in the bagging spot of the most reliable addon. This addon is a mixture of martial art and UFC on Kodi which offers plenty of HD content.

Entering this addon you’ll see a vast collection of more than 30 content classifications to be precise. An amazing add-on for the best sport adventure experience.

3. Red Bull TV

Next lined up is the Red Bull TV add-on. An excellent add-on for those who enjoy binging upon adrenaline-filled sports. You can also enjoy Live TV shows as well as on-demand videos without investing a penny. The Red Bull addon is best for providing not only sports content but on-demand video as well.


Best Kodi Addons for FireStick

FireStick is an amazing device launched by Amazon on which you can stream all your online content smoothly on any device say it to be Home Theater, laptop, tablet. You can simply use a device by plugging and connecting it through a USB cable.

Mentioned below are some best Kodi addons for FireStick:

1. Netflix

Netflix is currently the number one add-on for Kodi used by all over the world for streaming the latest content of different categories to a global reach. It is one of the best add-ons for serving amazing content from movies to drama to the latest web shows everything at one platform. However to avail the Netflix service you need to have a monthly or yearly subscription respectively. Netflix is a paid addon and they charge you depending upon the plan that you have selected to use.

2. Yoda

Next lined up is Yoda which serves you with the best media content. It provides you with unique categories of content. This is something that makes Yoda different from all the other add-ons. Yoda is filled with movie and TV show content. You can simply glance at your favorite content by browsing into their library for different genres and languages.

3. Tempest

Another addon lined up for FireStick is Tempest. Provides you to watch movies and TV shows. This addon is a newcomer to Kodi and is currently serving the best content in every category.


In conclusion

The add-ons that have been mentioned above are one of the few best add-ons for you to binge upon your favorite media content whether it’s movies TV shows, sports, cartoons, kids shows, or anything provided with HD quality. Some of the add-ons are subscription free so there is no hassle for paying charges.

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